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November 8, 2012
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Thu Nov 8, 2012, 3:52 AM
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I'm a bit slow about this... TIMEZONES..NORWAY..I FELL ASLEEP AWKAY!?
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I think 99% of Norway would have voted Barack Obama, I'm not the 1% who wouldn't. And I am extremely pleased about the world not ending last night. I'm not even joking, I would have lost all faith in America if Romney had been elected over Obama.

A country against gay rights, pro choice, free health care, women rights and who only wants more wars and a bigger military sounds like the world ending to me. who would vote for that? I don't even know.

So personally
Barack Obama > Mitt Romney
I take no stand on whenever rebublican or democrat though. Since it's so varied from year to year.

Who would you/did you vote for? Why or why not?

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Needleguns Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The long comments... The debates...
Too... Much... Reading and debating... :iconimdeadplz:
Nekoshiba Nov 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I don't enjoy reading :iconsawbplz:
Fantasy-JG Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist
I completely agree with you. I swear the world literally would've ended if Romney had won. I don't even live in America but that guy is just--- i mean seriously! kijhnfdsdfgh And Obama is freaking awesome. XD
I voted for Gary Johnson, even though he wasn't going to win, because in all honesty, both candidates are very bad, and neither of them have my support. While I'm thankful for Obama's stance on women's rights, I am not pleased with the unemployment rate, the wars, and the massive debt that we are in.
Nekoshiba Nov 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Obama has already ended a war, he is working his ass off to stop the others without starting a riot of rednecks who thinks terrorists will bomb every street if they don't bomb the mid east first. The unemployment rate issue was not his fault, and it's not to be changed overnight. It's a problem BECAUSE people don't want help from the government but have their own firms and not pay much taxes. That's why you're having a economic crisis as well, every man on his own is the American way. Obama is very 'un-american' in that particular way, he wants a government and a people working together for a safer nation so that this wont happen again. And close minded Americans keeps working against it.
What about the war in Afghanistan that he said he would get us out of? Yes, he got us out of Iraq, and now he needs to focus on getting us out of Afghanistan, which, I hope in this term, he will do, like he promised.

The debt went up massively since he's been in office. I wonder why? Nobody seems to explain why it has gone up. Not to mention, his cabinet is all Wall Street -- business people.
greenleo94 Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I would have voted for Romney. I don't like either of them, but I think the president's main focus should be boosting the economy. Romney's job was taking failing businesses and building them back up into successful ones. One can argue that Obama tries to do this too, but he's going about it from a socialist standpoint. The government can't continue to give out money. America is in debt, and Obama keeps spending money. His heart is in the right place, but things like Obama-care and getting rid of the rule that says people on unemployment don't have to turn in a list of places they've applied after a certain amount of time won't, and doesn't, work.

As a medical professional, I'm strongly against Obama-care. It's a nice thought, but the ratio of medical workers to the general population has been steadily going down since 1960 ish. Doctors are "encouraged" to see as many patients as possible, and this means quality of care goes down. Instead of spending 3 hours with a physician, now people spend about 30 minutes. There is no way to fully diagnose exactly what someone has in that amount of time. With Obama-care, not only will the ratio drop even lower, quality of care will go through the basement because there simply aren't enough medical professionals to see everyone. Private insurance rates will also skyrocket, so that the only choice a lot of people will have is to go with Obama-care.

I also don't like the fact that Obama lies. He not only promises things that will never happen, he blatantly lies about national news. For example, one of our embassies got attacked by a terrorist group. There were two SEALs in the area. They asked if they could provide assistance to all of the dying people, and Obama said no. There were also other military groups in the area, and they were told to stand down. When word leaked to the press about this incident, Obama lied and said he knew nothing about it. Then he later said he knew about it all along, and then changed his mind again! Finally, he said he'd provide us with the truth after the election. For that alone, I would never vote for Obama.

I also don't think with Romney as the president WWIII would have started. I just think he would have finally finished the war that's been going on for years and years. People, soldiers, children, men and women die every day. It needs to end one way or the other, and I'd really prefer to be on the winning side.

This may come as a shock to many people who read this, but I'm a young lesbian and I still would have voted Romney. Gay rights, and other social issues, are much less pressing than the way the economy is heading right now. America needs to cut costs, turn things over to the private businesses, and heal. All of those things will make unemployment rates go down because more jobs will open up because more people are starting new businesses, and then, when everyone isn't freaking out about money, maybe we can discuss things like gay rights and other social issues.
Nekoshiba Nov 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
But Romney's strategy is to put more taxes on the middle class so the filthy rich can keep their money. All he wants is money himself, so of course he wont spend any- he wants it for himself. At least Obama is doing his best.

It doesn't have ruin the quality, just look at all the successful countries who offer free health care. Besides in the countries of the world that offer free health care, doctor and nurses are the best paid with the most respected job. And there are ways and procedures that gives everyone their turn and still keep the quality of the work life and health care. I am a nurse myself, I'm only 18, well paid and safe if I should ever get sick or injured.

It's easy to be a wise ass after things like that, Obama did what he though was right and safest for his nation and perhaps it was not the best solution. But build a bridge and get over it, he is only human and he to do mistakes. Is it fair to be like "well you did 9 good things, but you failed somehow at 1 thing- we need to dismiss you because you suck."

What a terrible communist way to look at it. People shouldn't have to die because the US is paranoid and think they're the king of the world. Forget about the Mideast, I think America have enough enemies as it is. Romney would have gained a few more and perhaps even made friendly countries form alliances with the enemy in the case of war. Romney want to bomb more innocent people, Obama has already stopped a war and aims to stop more.

Human rights is always a issue, when the world is in flames and all hope is left- human compassion is all we've got left. America should stop digging in it's own shit and perhaps look around and think "hmm, what can we do to raise the quality of our own country?" Stop fighting the world and start fighting you own problems is perhaps a start. Norway is ranked the best country in the world to live in, we have political views like Obama. And we have no political party even close to anyone like Romney. If Romney was president/prime minister in Norway... well bye bye Norway.
greenleo94 Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That's not his strategy at all. [link] This is his plan to cut taxes, not to put the burden on the middle class. He also wants to downsize the government, which many Americans agree with. We're a democratic country with a capitalist economy. Turning things over to the private sector and letting the people handle things works for us. Obama may be doing his best, but it's not enough.

No country is successful with free health care. [link] One of my college professors used to live in Canada. When she had her first child, she was at the hospital and requested an epidural for the pain. The nurse came back and said that she couldn't have one because they were all out or were saving the medication for patients with more need than her. She was forced to have a natural birth. This is just one occurrence, but there are many many more stories like this in Canada and other countries. Our health care system does need a reform, but the main reasons health care has skyrocketed lately is because of hospitals eating unpaid costs. Here, if someone walks into the ER, they will be treated first and insurance and payment questions come later. Most hospitals have a certain amount of charity that they have to do a year, but beyond that the hospitals eat the cost. They never get that money back. Also, hospitals get sued a lot. Not only do they have to pay for risk management to develop new ways to prevent problems, they also have to settle thousands of dollars every year. This makes the cost of others' health care rise. So yes, we do need something to happen, but socialized health care isn't it.

I'm more pissed about him letting an embassy get wiped out, letting all of our people die, than him lying about it. The whole situation is seriously messed up. All he had to do was say one word, yes, and the situation would have been completely different. I don't want a president that abandons American citizens in dangerous conflict because he's afraid of stepping on people's toes.

It's terrible and communist to want to win a war we didn't start? We got bombed and attacked, first. In fact, if we didn't try to do things in the nicest way possible, the war would have been over by now. Our soldiers die over there because they aren't allowed to act in certain situations. There were incidents where the opposing force strapped bombs to children, and blew them up when they were close to our soldiers. We aren't allowed to do anything about that because of strict rules of engagement that Obama set up.

The rumors about Mitt Romney alienating other countries and starting wars while Obama prevents them is false. Before Obama was president, we were only in Iraq and Afghanistan for a little bit before we pulled out. Not not only are we still there, years later, but we're also sending forces into neighboring countries. I have no idea what Obama is doing, honestly.

I agree with you there. We need to get our soldiers out of the world and let the people take care of themselves. The race wars in Africa shouldn't matter to us, even though more people have died there than in the Holocaust. Neither should the oppression and terrorism in the Mideast. We need to focus on human rights and having compassion. I think we try to fight our own problems, but we need better people in the government, not just a good president. And that's totally subjective. I'm pretty happy I'm an American.
miyumicat Nov 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Obama bc Romney keeps suggesting the trickle down thing, which has not worked and will never work, because people are greedy and inconsiderate.

and he has ridiculous views on women's rights, obviously im gonna hate him. plus Obama made it so that women have the same pay as men for the same job. and things in general have been better for my family since Obama has been president.
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